Environmental Development Engineering major

Education / Curriculum

Doctoral course

Subjects Credits Notes
Special Topics on Environmental Engineering 2 Prof. Hiroaki OZAKI
Special Topics on Social Infrastructure Information Planning 2 Prof. Masahiro NAKANO
Special Topics on Construction Work 2 Prof. Tomio TAMANO
Special Topics on Traffic Engineering 2 Prof. Masatoshi HATOKO
Special Topics on River and Ocean Engineering 2 Prof. Natsuki MIZUTANI
Special Topics on Structural Engineering 2 Prof. Norihiko YAMASHITA
Special Research 12  
  1. 1)Credits of Lectures: 14
  2. 2)All Credits: 26
  3. 3)Completion: Students are required to earn 14 or more credits (12 credits of the Special Research and 2 or more credits of the Special Topics) and pass the examination of doctoral thesis.