Osaka Sangyo University Library Using the Library

Using the Library


Floor Room Name Library Hours
1F Exibition Corner
Reused Books
2F Open-Stack Reading Room 9:00~18:00
Lending / Return Counter
Multimedia Corner
Audio-Visual Booth 9:00~17:45
3F Reading Room 1 9:00~17:45
Reading Room 2~3 9:00~17:30
4F Open-Stack Reading Room 9:00~17:45

※Restricted Hours - During long vacations, etc.


  • Sundays, National Holidays and University Founding Day (November 1)
  • Certain periods during summer and winter vacation
  • Inventory day : the 25th of every month. (When subject to change, we announce it in advance.)

Who can use the library

  • Osaka Sangyo University students, alumni, faculty and staff of the university
  • Those who take public lectures
  • Those who are introduced by other universities and public libraries
  • Those who get permission from the director of the library

The User Card (the Student ID Card and the Faculty and Staff ID Card) is required to use the Library and their services.
Please scan your user card at the entrance gate on the second floor when you enter the Library.

Number of Books and the Term

Status Books Bound Periodicals
Students, Research Students, Former Tenured Faculty, Alumni, Other* 10 vols. / 2 weeks ×
Non-Tenured Faculty, Graduate students, Researchers 20 vols. / 3 months 3 vols. / 1 week
Tenured Faculty, Professors Emeritus 50 vols. / 6 months 3 vols. / 1 week

*Short-term students studying abroad, people taking public lectures, etc.

Leading / Return

Please bring the material and your user card and go through the procedure.


You cannot borrow the same as returned materials on that day. (After the next day you can borrow it.)


If the library is closed, you may put it into the book return box in front of the library or in front of the eastern campus student service center.


You can renew a loan period only once. (However, you cannot renew it during examination time and in case of the reserved book.)


You can reserve checked out books. Please go through a procedure. (However, you cannot reserve them during examination time.)


This is the system that Students and Graduate students can borrow materials for 14 days, Tenured Faculty can borrow more than 14 days.

※Extension and Reservation can also be done through MyLibrary.

It is required that you should not lend a borrowed book and your user card to another, which will cause a delay and a loss.

■Books and materials not for lending
Kintaishutu label
Reference books
Valuable books
Periodicals Newspapers
Audio-visual materials (DVD Video CD etc.)
※You cannot check out the materials affixed Kintaishutu label.


You can copy the materials which are in the library without the approval of a rightful claimant within Article 31 of the Copyright Law. You ask for permission to copy them and use coin-operated copy machines on the second floor.
※You are banned from copying private materials carried in.

Reference Service

Please feel free to ask us how to search materials and use the library.

Iner Library Loan

When such materials as books, journals, and papers which you want are not in this library, you may use the lnter-Library-Loan (ILL) service to request lending, documents copying, and using a library from other libraries and research institutions.

Request for Book Purchase

If the books and materials you need to study and research are not in the library, you are free to request us to buy them. Please fill out the form and put it into the request box. After selection, we will decide whether or not to buy them.
※Books for private taste are excluded.


You are free to read the latest issue of periodicals on the third floor. As for back issues of scientific journals and university bulletins, check whether or not they are in the library by OPAC and then go through a procedure.
The periodicals are for reference only.

Microfilm and Microfiche

Microfilm and microfiche are available for reading and partially copying.

Multimedia Corner

You are free to use the Online Database, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and search the Internet for the data and write a paper.
You must have a user ID and password when you use these facilities.

Audio-Visual Materials

You can use the audio-visual materials (DVD, Video, CD, etc.) only at the audio-visual booth on the second floor.

Attention in Use

Keep quiet in the library. Be careful you don't cause trouble to other users.
Return the materials you have finished with to its proper place.
Please look after your own belongings, especially valuable things.
Please handle the materials with great care. Any handwritten note is prohibited.
Please change your cellular phone into the silent mode. Telephone call is prohibited.
Eating and drinking are prohibited
Smoking is prohibited in the library.
Bringing baggage such as a helmet into the library is prohibited.