Osaka Sangyo University Library Special Collections

Special Collections

There are many distinguished collections of economics, business management, transportation, etc. in this library.
These collections are restricted with using limits because of valuable materials.

Collection of the Transport and Industry of Modern Japan

This collection is composed of 2,600 books and literatures on the history of railroad and traffic, whose research is one of the characteristics of OSU. It includes mainly documents from the early Meiji period before the second world war : histories of traffic and railroad companies, railroad guide books and business reports.

Collection of the Mekong Region

This collection is composed of 8,000 books and documents dealing with society, economy and culture of such countries in the Mekong Region as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and they are mostly precious books written in local languages.

Collection of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

This collection is mainly composed of 2,200 books assembled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It contains precious literature on pollution, conservation of nature, and environmental protection, and reports and governmental publications of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations.

Collection of the lndustrial Revolution in Great Britain

From the 18th century to the 19th century England underwent a remarkable social change with the development of the Industrial Revolution. This collection contains historical literature dealing with various problems of those times.

Collection of Schools in Economics

The development of economics has produced various schools. This collection contains approximately 1,200 books dealing with Physiocracy, the Classical School, the Historical School, the Lausanne School, the Cambridge School, the Austrian School, the Stockholm School and the Institutional School. It also includes various titles concerning with Ricardian Socialism.

Collection of the History of Modern Thoughts

This collection is composed of books on Modern Western Thought after the Renaissance. It contains works of Spinoza, F.Bacon, J.Bodin, T.Hobbes, J.J.Rousseau, Montesquieu and others. It is a valuable collection for both the study of philosophy and the study of the social sciences.

Collection of Rare Books on Business

In addition to fundamental literature in the history of business administration, such as the works of F.Taylor, H.Emerson, H.L.Gantt, F.B.Gilbreth and others, this collection contains famous classics in accounting and marketing..

Collection of the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and lndustry

This collection is composed of approximately 5,000 books in various fields of social science, which were owned by the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany. About a quarter of this collection dates before the l9th century. In this collection you can find the main works of F.List, E.Bernstein, J.G.K.Wicksell, K.G.A.Knies, E.Schmalenbach and others.

Collection of the Nomura Research Institute

This collection is composed of 3,000 foreign books that were formerly owned by the Nomura Research Institute. It is focusses on the fields of Economics and Commerce.

Collection of the National Liberal Club of Gladstone, England

The National Liberal Club was formed in the 19th century and ranked prime ministers Gladstone, Asquith, Lloyd George, and Churchill amongst its members. This collection contains valuable materials concerning political history, economics, and sociology.

Collection of Prof. Yonezo Nakagawa

This collection was assembled by Emeritus Professor Y.Nakagawa, at Osaka University. It is composed of 5,000 books which are mainly concerning medical ethics and medical history, but also contains books on philosophy, sociology, history, cultural anthropology, and psychology.

Collection of Prof. Percy Ford

This collection was assembled by Emeritus Professor P.Ford at the University of Southampton in England. It is composed of 2,000 books concerning social problems, public policy, history of economic doctrines, etc.

Collection of Prof. August Marx

This collection was accumulated by A.Marx, a Professor at the University of Mannheim in Germany. It contains important materials relating to business administration, transport policy, and the history of economics.

Collection of Prof. Waldemar Koch

This is a collection built up by W.Koch, a Professor of Economics in Germany. It is composed of 1,200 books concerning the history of economics (Mercantilism, Physiocracy, Classical School, Historical School, Lausanne School, Cambridge School, Austrian School etc.).