OSAKA SANGYO UNIVERSITY List of faculties, departments,
and graduate schools

List of faculties, departments, and graduate schools

Faculties, and departments

Faculty of International Studies

Nurturing a new wave of human talent through language acquisition, to make a positive impact on an increasingly globalized world.

Through practical language ability, heightened global awareness, and a firmunderstanding of cultural differences, students will acquire useful and powerful communication skills, enriching their lives and enhancing their career opportunities.

Language is the doorway to the world.

Department of International Studies

The Department of International Studies will help you improve your communication skills in world languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Korean and Japanese in comfortable and effective small-size classes. Enhance your understanding of cultural diversity through interesting experiences with cross-cultural differences. The door of the world is waiting for you—open it and go for it!

Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

Making people happy through the power of sport!

With the slogan“Let’s make people happy with sports!”, the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, through education and research, provides students an opportunity to cultivate the spirit of sports, so that they can contribute to creating a society in which every person lives a rich and happy life.

Creating specialists to contribute to the happiness of people through sports.

Department of Sport and Health Sciences

“Good health” is a great resource in our aging society where people are increasingly loosing their strength without taking much care of daily important activities as “moving,” “eating,” and “taking rest.” At this department you will study far and wide the science of practical health and sport to become all-round supporters for people to gain and keep up the good health and eventually to live their good life.

Faculty of Business Management

The key words for learning are company, market, and society. Aiming to be business leaders who demonstrate management ability in society.

People move the market. In other words, one can see the market’s movement from the standpoint of a person (company) that provides products and services and a person (consumer) that receives them. In this faculty, we learn about companies and society from a variety of viewpoints, such as the relationship between commercial business operations and society, and the movement and mechanism of commodities and money.

Aiming to become business leaders with flexible creativity and adaptivity.

Department of Business Management

In the Department of Business Management, you will not only study what the business management is but also fundamentally learn extensive business skills such as accounting and data processing. You will aim to become a business leader who has inventiveness and capacity and is able to exert your management ability in every class of an enterprise.

Specialized learning of the flow and mechanisms of people, commodities, money and information.

Department of Commercial Sciences

In the Department of Commercial Science, you will learn the system of circulation of human, products, money, and information, studying various cases such as manufacturers which push hot sellers, retail stores which pursue appealing array of versions and service, and systems supporting them like distribution, finance, information service and so on. The Department nurtures persons of talent who can consider a change of the market as a business chance and act.

Faculty of Economics

Understanding the relationship between family finances and corporate activities by understanding the mechanisms of economics.

The system called economics is intricately composed of factors such as aging society, economic climate, unequal society, corporate activity, finance, environment, welfare and information. The relationship between family finances and corporate activities is examined by researching and understanding the mechanisms of economics.

Aiming to be businesspersons who develop information and global society.

Department of Economics

In the Department of Economics, you can select your study model from four options to match an image of your career to pursue and acquire an ability to consider a change of the society from the perspective of “economics”. For instance, if you get to know about the pension system, you can find a clue to solve the problems of the social security and welfare.

Cultivating global views and knowledge to nurture human resources that work on a global scale.

Department of International Economics

In the Department of International Economics, you will aim to become a business person who is active worldwide. You can select your study model from four options to acquire the expert knowledge of the international tendency and the economic policies and the abilities of intercultural understanding and communication skills.

Faculty of Design Technology

Pursuing new modes of manufacturing that are good for people and the environment.

Modern society has continued to make progress by pursuing convenience and comfort. However, unless the people living in such a society feel happy, such technological progress is meaningless. Our Faculty of Design Technology, the first of its kind in Kansai, has established “manufacturing that is good for people and the environment” as the theme of learning. It cultivates engineers and designers who can enrich the lives of people by accurately grasping the needs of society.

Nurturing design and IT savvy engineers.

Department of Information Systems Engineering

In the Department of Information Systems Engineering, you can learn many fields of information technology such as software development, network construction, embedded system, computer graphics and animation. The department educates you for engineers and creators who support the “ubiquitous society”, in which we can access the information network anytime, from anywhere.

Aiming to integrate beauty with comfort.

Department of Architectural and Environmental Design

The Department of Architectural and Environmental Design nurtures an ability to totally create whole environment and spaces from a tiny product to urban development. In the Department, you will incarnate attractive designs by improving your artistic sense and engineering knowledge. You can also learn various skills to widely use in the society, such as CAD drafting, computer graphics, modeling, and field survey.

Nature, persons and towns are the fields of study.Aiming to design both a sustainable environment and society.

Department of Environmental Science and Technology

The people of the earth have been developed in harmony with nature. However, as a global society, we have significant problems. To combat these problems, this department offers the following courses based on science and technology: environmental technology, ecological science, landscape and greening, and environmental planning. These courses are designed to solve modern problems and to develop solutions that allow for the coexistence of humans and nature. We are nurturing human resources with “flexible intellectual power” can contribute to environmental conservation and long-term sustainable development.

Faculty of Engineering

Acquiring engineering knowledge and skills that support lives, and utilizing them in the real world.

When you look around your house and town, various electronics, industrial goods and IT equipment abound, and these days society cannot function without them. It is comfort, convenience, safety and security that support engineering. The Faculty of Engineering has four departments where you can study various specialized areas, such as robots, automobiles, IT, communication and architecture, and acquire knowledge and skills useful for future society.

Master the manufacturing technology and skills to become a professional engineer.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering educates you for start-of-the-art engineers who support the development of industrial goods such as making machinery, medical equipments, assistive products, and industrial robots. You will acquire a skill of design as well as knowledge of dynamics of machinery, mechanics of materials, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics. Industry-academia collaboration is also one of the advantages of the Department.

Become an expert in vehicles, such as cars, trains and motorbikes.

Department of Mechanical Engineering for Transportation

The Department of Mechanical Engineering for Transportation, which is specialized in “transport” such as automobiles, motorcycles, railways, airplanes, ships, and so on, is quite unusual even at the nationwide level. You will widely learn about materials, dynamics, the social roles of transportation, and control systems, using mechanical engineering as a basis, and will acquire the skills as an engineer through practice.

Become an engineer responsible for urban development where people and nature live in harmony.

Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Urban Creation Engineering nurtures engineers who create the human-nature harmonious cities in which anyone can comfortably live. In the Department, you will fundamentally learn civil engineering, construction, foundation, and so on, then acquire various advanced knowledge such as environmental problems and characteristics of the region, to consider the development of safe and comfortable cities.

Become a professional in electronics, such as robots and advanced materials.

Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering

In the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, you will study electronics which is in the constant innovation. First you will deepen your fundamental knowledge of electronics, information engineering, and communication engineering, and then you will have practice of programming, data measuring, data analysis, and so on. Herewith you will gradually deepen your own specialty, such as electronic information, telecommunications, energy technology, etc.

Graduate schools

Graduate School of Human Environment

Nurturing researchers and specialists in environmental studies with the aim of contributing to the harmonious coexistence between environment and humans.

In present time, self-motivated and constructive activity on the part of each individual is required for a sustainable and recycling-oriented society. Our mission is to develop human resources that can formulate and execute plans for building human relationships and conserving the global environment by finding specific challenges for the creation of a new society.

【Master’s Degree Course】
【Doctoral Degree Course】

Division of Human Environment

Environment problems are complicated with various factors. In the Division of Human Environment, you can take on interdisciplinary research. There you can widely adopt the results of scholarly research of relevant areas and promote your own research.

Graduate School of Business Administration and Distribution

Developing human resources that respond to the needs of the industrial world with increasing globalization in an IT age.

One of the features of this school is learning diverse and practical subjects to be able to work in a global business environment in the IT and e-commerce era. The topics of learning are accounting, distribution, marketing, logistics, services, business information, and business administration. The aim of the school is to nurture human resources that have advanced business administration skills and can respond to the promotion of strategic development and entrepreneurship for increasingly globalized industrial and corporate activities.

【Master’s Degree Course】
【Doctoral Degree Course】

Division of Business Administration and Distribution

EIn the Division of Business Administration and Distribution, you can acquire an advanced problem-solving power and ability for construction of the management system, using the results of the research and the education of the Faculty of Business Management and the Faculty of Economics. The major aims to nurture businesspersons who flourish in the global market in which the change is violent.

Graduate School of Economics

Nurturing economists with a multifaceted perspective for our modern society with its rapidly changing structure.

This department is an institution for advanced research and education for nurturing profound awareness and rich analytical skills in relation to trends in globalizing modern economics and society. The objective of the department is to nurture human resources with the ability to present the framework for a new society and business concepts as well as reviewing world economics and society in the expanding Asian influence while learning how to address various economic and environmental crises.

【Master’s Degree Course】

Division of Modern Economic Systems

The Japanese economy is at the great turning point with the start of the 21st century. Aiming to nurture persons of talent who shoulder the future of Japanese economy which has suffered from long economic stagnation, the Modern Economic Systems major enables you to acquire the great scholarship of the modern economic systems, information processing, socio-economics, and economic theory, to make you persons who have comprehensive abilities for analysis, planning, and practical business.

【Master’s Degree Course】【Doctoral Degree Course】

Division of Asian Region Economics

For your broad perspective on research of the Asian regional economy, the Division of Asian Region Economics has organized the curriculum, in which you can tackle original research from various viewpoints such as the Asian regional economy as the economic bloc, international economy, corporate strategy, and so on. The curriculum also set a high value on the relationship between the economies of Asia and Japan or Kansai. The major also provides practical and concrete curriculum for the adults who want to deepen their research based on their own social experience in a corporation.

Graduate School of Engineering

Training engineers and researchers to be leaders in the field of advanced technology.

The School of Engineering offers 8 different majors, including six Master’s Degree majors and two Doctoral Degree majors combined. In the present day, when advances in the field of technology are essential in every aspect of society, the school aims to nurture true engineers and researchers that can contribute advanced technical skills to society.

【Master’s Degree Course】

Division of Mechanical Engineering

The Division of Mechanical Engineering aims to nurture engineers as advanced professionals, who can deeply comprehend the required critical technologies of orthodox mechanical engineering such as mechanics, materials, thermal engineering, fluid mechanics, machining design, and so on, having the human-and-nature-friendly viewpoint, and widely utilize the acquired expertise for the forefront of development.

【Master’s Degree Course】

Division of Mechanical Engineering for Transportation

Through the advanced transportation which is harmonious with the natural environment and the research of the transportation related welfare of people, the Division of Mechanical Engineering for Transportation nurtures practical industrial engineers who contribute to the satisfying society and its sustainable development. You will be also educated for engineers who have advanced research and development capability, acquiring expertise in the transportation and its systems with a central focus on automobiles and railways.

【Master’s Degree Course】

Division of Civil Engineering

The Division of Civil Engineering institutes the distinctive schooling and the advanced research guidance. The course employs some basic fields of urban creation, such as structural engineering, soil engineering, hydroengineering, planning, and environmental engineering, as a basis. Some inter-disciplinary areas such as biotechnology, new energy sources, advanced materials, and mechatronics, and some technical fields related to high computerization system, such as construction management engineering and urban transportation system, are also dealt with.

【Master’s Degree Course】

Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering

The Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering has organized the curriculum and the framework for research, in which you can approach the high technologies of the fields of electronics, information, and communication. You can tackle a theme of study of your future special field as well as receive the advanced schooling and the attractive research guidance that integrate the themes interdisciplinary and organically.

【Master’s Degree Course】

Division of Information Systems Engineering

The Division of Information Systems Engineering has organized the curriculum and the research system to cover various fields such as basic information, material information, telecommunications, image information, manufacturing information system, and so on, considering corresponding with some fields such as next-generation calculation technology, information processing device, communication technology, image processing in various scenes, intelligent production system, system design and rating, etc. You can receive the advanced and highly-dense research guidance through each theme of study on your own specialty.

【Master’s Degree Course】

Division of Environmental Design

The Division of Environmental Design institutes the high-level schooling and the close research guidance based on the well-balanced curriculum which is arranged with “lecture-type” and “practice-type” subjects on each fields of basic environment, environmental design, environmental planning, environmental design information system, and engineering environment theory.

【Doctoral Degree Course】

Division of Production System Engineering

The Division of Production System Engineering consists of the fields of mechanical engineering, electronic information communication engineering, and information system engineering. The major institutes the education and the research aiming the high functionality on development, design, and production of next-generation engineering device and systems.

【Doctoral Degree Course】

Division of Environmental Development Engineering